Opening Flagship Store - Vienna

Beverages & More, the Wineshop

In our assortment:
Special wines of selected wineries from Austria and Italy, like „Rio del Lupo“, „Grimaldi“, „Fruscalzo“, „Weingut Späth“, „Weingut Brandl“, and the „Burgundermacher“ from the Lower Austrian "Thermal Region".
Natural fruit juices, selected grappae as well as olive- and pumpkin seed oils are completing our assortment.

Walther Giefing:
"Our assortment will be extended purposefully. We develop drink innovations ourselves, e.g. „Vienna Sparkling“ – a non alcoholic, sparkling beverage - similar to a sparkling wine - for auspicious occasions. Especially for drivers, who do not want to relinquish to something at festivities."

Romana Soltanian:
"Orders can be handed in by our customers directly at our Beverages & More wineshop at Döblinger Hauptstrasse 66, while having a cozy glass of wine, or also online on our Web-Shop."